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How It Works

Typical seasonal Lease

Thank you for your interest. 

Some things you should know when considering Midas Professional Lighting for your season lighting.

1. We offer a lease program, we typically do not sell the lights. 

With your help, we will design your holiday lighting. Once, we have a design, Midas Lighting will install, maintain, and at the end of the season remove the lights for you at no extra charge.

2. Install and Take down:

For our existing customers we set our install schedule in August. These customers get first priority for installation preferences.  

We typically run two install runs prior to Thanksgiving. Our first run start in Mid October (Columbus Day) and our second starts Nov 1st (right after Halloween).

If you are in one of the first two runs we will hold off on putting up any garland and or wreaths until our 3rd run witch starts a few days before or after Thanksgiving. 

3. Contracts:

We provide 3 contract options. 

  • 5 yr Contract:  This contract provides our best possible pricing.
  • 3 yr Contract: Offers our service at a premium discount.
  • No contract: We Have some customers that prefer not to sign a contract, this only prevents you from getting our discount pricing.

While in a contract, if you decide to add to your project, you will only be charged at your initial pricing level.  

If you decide to exit a contract after only one season you will only be charged the difference between the non contract price and the contract price. 

If you decide to exit the contract after the second season but before August 31st no penalties will be charged. After August 31st you will be charged a cancellation fee of $150.

4. Customer Supplied Products:

Midas Holiday lighting will be happy to plug in customer supplied and installed equipment as long as it is modern and LED based lighting. 

Any Lawn ornaments must be fully assembled and in place when we arrive and we will be happy get them all plugged in and on a timer for you. 

5. Maintenance:

Since our installations are only temporary, lights may on occasion fail. We will happy to come by and fix them for you. We only ask that you send us a picture of the problem so we can be properly prepared before we arrive. Unfortunately we cannot maintain or service any customer supplied equipment.

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There are many possibilities and every installation is unique. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

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